Steve Smith and David Warned my Opinion…

Firstly I would like to apologize for not blogging at all recently. There has not been much cricket going on and I have been quite busy. But without further ado, here it is.

There is no doubt that Steve Smith and David Warner are good players. But now in the short term for the Aussies, I don’t think they are great.

Test match cricket I feel in test match cricket Smith is in without a doubt but Warner I’m not sure about. Bancroft has been tearing it up on his return for the Sheffield Shield. In addition to this Marcus Harris looked like one of there best bats in the Indian series.

The world cup I feel that Smith will slot back into the middle order but Warner I’m not sure about. Finch hasn’t been doing well but he is the captain so he will open. Also, there is then Kywhaja he did very well in the ODI series v India.

But what does it do for morale? These two players have both said it is like they have never been away. I think this means that deep down in the Australian team nothing has really happened to the team’s way of playing before. All the Australian players have said that the team has changed but the ex-captain says it feels that he has never been away. Then one of the people who were in the ”senior leadership group” at Newlands says the same.

The people when the cricket stops all of these players are just people. But how have Steve and David changed as people? Warner has repeatedly said he had changed but he didn’t. Actions speak louder than words.

”slow and old” t20 batsmen

T20 cricket with scores getting higher and run rates going up to people sometimes ask if there is any need for slower or older batsmen. A good example of this is joe root when he is on form he is one of Englands most important batsmen. Another great example of this is Misbah ul hak’s match-winning 59. Misbah 44 years old came in at 12-4 in the 2nd over. Him and Sammy 35 years old put on 100 to all but win them the game. In t20 cricket there’s nothing better in a team than an experienced head.

Chennai Super Kings, Chennai won the IPL after not being in it for two years, did it with a very old team. The average of there core Indian players was 34.5. Also a 37-year-old in Shane Watson one the final for them. He had a very slow start against Bhubaneshwar Kumar who was bowling a really good spell. Then using all of his 37 years of experience he hit a 100 and won the game for them.

In conclusion, it’s not that bad to have an old or even a few good old and slow batsmen in your team are it?

Yorkshire sign Duanne Olivier

Yorkshire have signed Duanne Olivier, a swing and seam exponent, on a 3-year kolpak deal. What this means is that when he is under this contract he can not play for South Africa. Firstly we have to ask why he did this? The simple answer is money and financial security. Now, this is obviously a big loss for test cricket. Losing a youngish bowler like this dents test cricket. Now we have to ask if this is going to keep happening in test cricket. Personally, I think it won’t but nevertheless, we have to find a solution to stop it. The uncomplicated way is more money. Now I feel that people should take test cricket as I pride to play. In spite of all of this would you take another job for more job security, financial security and money? I’ll leave that for you to think about.

England ODI team in the West Indies.

England drew 2-2 with the West Indies in the West Indies. This is the first time since England played against India in India that we haven’t one.

Here are some of the positives about Englands ODI tour of the Windies. Firstly there were 4️⃣ hundreds. Roy’s hundred was a positive for the world cup as having an opener like Jason in form is a big +. Joe Root his hundred in that run chase showed why he is such an important asset of Englands ODI team. Eoin Morgan hundred was, for me, the most important. This is because if Morgan is in form then Englands hope of a world cup win heightens. Jos Butlers hundred the best of the lot 150 of 77 balls. From 50 to 150 in 31 balls. Wow. His possibility to play the situation is why he is by far the best wicketkeeper bat in the world. Also, Mark Woods bowling was a massive plus. He followed up his test match bowing with a great ODI series with great performances. When Gayle was smashing all bowlers to all parts Wood remained economical and taking wickets at the same time. 4-60 a big ✔️. Adil Rashid when the 3rd ODI was on edge Rashid won England the game. Braithwaite and Nurse were looking like they were taking them home before having to wickets in two balls than the last two. Leaving him with a 5ifer and winning the game.

Here are the negatives,

Two big lower order collapses. One in the second game with the lower middle order then in the last game the whole team collapsed for 113. This is something they will have to eradicate if they want to win the world cup. Not only that but England have struggled to get early wickets in the powerplay. Additionally, their fielding standards have dropped the 3rd, ODI was surprisingly lackluster. Plus in the 4th game, England showed that they are not very good against hostile fast bouncy bowling. If England don’t come up with a plan for it and then come up against it then its curtains.

My Real Neat Blog award

As an aspiring 13-year-old writer I am honoured to have been chosen for this.

  1. To be honest there is no film that I had seen and regretted. All of them I enjoyed
  2. The book I haven’t read yet but want to read is David Bumbles autobiography. This is because he is very funny and has lots of cricket knowledge.
  3. I do not know any solar system planets that well so I can not make a decision.
  4. The country I haven’t been to but want to is India. I am fascinated by it and one day I want to travel to India to watch cricket.
  5. I do not have a least favourite politician.
  6. If I could go back in time the person I would most like to talk to would be Adolf Hitler. I would love to know why he caused all that pain and death of the second world war.
  7. If word press wasn’t here I would definitely still be blogging. It’s a passion.
  8. I was nominated by Petrel41 thank you you should all read her blogs.
  9. My nominated blogger is sillypointcricket.

Test world XI

Before we start this test is being played in South Africa because it is the most equal place in the world.

  1. Tom Latham, Tom has an outstanding year an has a test average of 41,6. Also, wicketkeeping is another string to his bow.
  2. Aiden Markram, relatively new to test cricket but has an average of 44. This is very good for someone new to international cricket.
  3. Chestewar Pujura, the wall of Indians batting. His series against Australia showed why he is one of the best batsmen in the world. He outscored Virat.
  4. Virat Kohli the best batsmen in world cricket.
  • 5. Joe Root when on form very close behind Kohli but he just doesn’t get enough 100’s.
  • 7. Jos Butler, he has had an incredible year performing when his team have needed him against Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and the West Indies.
  • 6. Ben Stokes, I will always say this, when on form the best all-rounder in world cricket.
  • 8. Pat Cummins at the time of writing he is the best-ranked bowler in the world. Also very handy with the bat.
  • 9. Nathan Lyon, for me he is the best off spinner in the world.
  • 10. James Anderson the best ever swing bowling exponer.
  • 11. Jasprit Bumrah the most exciting bowling prospect. As good as any at the moment.
  • ODI word XI

    1. Rohit Sharma, the ”hitman” to Indian fans and a feared hard-hitting opener to the opposition bowlers.
    2. Jason Roy a fearless opening batsman who is especially good against pace bowling in the powerplay.
    3. Joe Root, our glue in this team who everyone else will bat around him. With an average of 52, he without a doubt walks straight into this team. He will also be the team’s captain today.
    4. Virat Kohli the best batsman in world cricket when he doesn’t make a big score everyone is surprised. This speaks volume about his form.
    5. Ben Stokes, as I have said a lot when on form he is the best all-rounder when on form.
    6. Jos Butler the best wicketkeeper-batsman in the world. He showed this with 150 of 77 balls just yesterday. He went from 50 to 150 in 31 balls. The quickest 100 is 31 balls. Do the math.
    7. Rashid Khan the best leg spinner in the world at just 20-years-old.
    8. Adil Rashid the second best leg spinner in the world who has added supreme control to his game. This was evident when last night he came on with West Indies needing 32 from 3 overs with Braithwaite and Nurse going well. He got both of them out in successive balls and then the last to batsmen to win us the game.
    9. Bhuveneshwar Kumar as I said in the t20 world XI he is the best new ball bowler in the world.
    10. Mitchell Starc with the 90mph pace he is a wicket-taking bowler.
    11. Jasprit Bumrah the all-round best bowler in the world. 5️⃣ overs at the start 5️⃣ at the end.