Joshua beats Ruiz

This was a fight, Joshua could not afford to lose. He didn’t. He perfected his gameplay of hit and not get hit. He called this the sweet science of boxing. Ruiz came in overweight putting on 19lbs from the last fight. I don’t understand the logic of that. When you are chubby why would you put on weight? Joshua, on the other hand, leaned out and came in a stone lighter. I think that this really helped him. Joshua was extremely proactive in having a different and better training camp however he kept and trusted his trainer Rob McCracken this paid off with a very effective gameplan. Ruiz will be frustrated as he has admitted he didn’t work as hard for this fight. He should have partied less and trained more. Although would you be dedicated to your job if you had millions and millions in the bank? Joshua will defend his mandatory next against Usyk but after this everyone wants the same thing. AJ vs Fury or Wilder or in a perfect world he beats one and then fights the other after and wins.

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