What can England do to beat South Africa.

  • Select the right team. England’s last team selection was very questionable. 5 seamers and no spinner over a 5-day test match I don’t think is the right balance.
  • Score big hundreds, England’s occasions where they have knuckled and batted for long periods of times is where they have won test matches or come close to it. Burns and Root were great examples of this. England was seemingly behind in the second game with New Zealand posting a big score. However, Burns and Root knuckled down and they ended up with a lead of 100.
  • Bring the correct cover. If England took another wicketkeeper to the tour they may well of one that game. Pope scored a quality 75 but the drop of Williamson was costly. On a flat pitch with no lateral movement not taking a simple leg-side catch was costly for England.
    Stick to bowling plans. There have been lots of times in this series where England have gone long periods of times without a wicket. They need to keep to a plan and become patient and not become erratic.
    This is a very big tour for England. South Africa has lots of problems and England have a young exciting team. If they win and win well it could lead them on to bigger things.

One thought on “What can England do to beat South Africa.

  1. Yes, the bowling attack in the last test match lacked variety – Archer having bowled so many overs in the first game was down on pace meaning that the only real variation was Curran’s left arm. South Africa are certainly beatable at the moment.


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