Intitial thoughts on hundred squads Part 1.

  • Trent rockets, a very good draft with Rashid Khan, Darcy Short and Alex Hales. They have Root however he will be with England most of the time. Harry Gurney will be very good at the death on his home ground. Furthermore, they have good local players like Mullaney, Carter and Moores. Coulter – Nile and Gregory top of there bowling. However, those two are also very big hitters.
  • Southern brave, immediately I see match winners. Archer, Russel, warner and Shadab Khan. With the ball in the powerplay when they have Archer available a pace attack of Russel, Mills and Archer will be dangerous. Backed um by Liam Dawson, Chris Jordan and Shadab Khan they look dangerous. Their batting looks average with Warner, Vince, Alex Davies, Pope, Rawlins and Russel.
  • Northern Superchargers a good draft. With Finch, Lynn, Lyth, Willey, cadmore and Stokes when not with England. That is an explosive batting line up. There bowling however looks weak with no quality pace options. Wiley hasn’t been impressive with the ball for a while and after that they don’t have any quality pace option. However there spinners in Mujeeb and Rashid are very good. So if they are going to go far there batters and spinners will have to carry there team.

One thought on “Intitial thoughts on hundred squads Part 1.

  1. Of the three squads you have listed Trent Rockets looks the strongest, lent extra depth in batting by the abilities in that department of Gregory, Coulter-Nile and Rashid Khan and possessed of a formidable and well varied bowling unit. Southern Brave have good bowling, but lack the batting to go with it, Northern Superchargers are going to need to score an awful lot of runs to get by with such a threadbare bowling attack – they look the least impressive of the three squads.


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