Game called of for racism

Yesterday in the fa cup qualifying round the game between Yeovil and Haringey Borough was abandoned due to alleged racism and spitting. As a club Yeovil are not racist. It is just horrifying that a few people are ruining it for the club’s name. This comes only four days after the incident against England vs Bulgaria. Tyrone Mings said after that incident ”our country isn’t perfect either” this is very true. This isn’t just Yeovil either. It’s a small number of people at each club in England. The only way it is going to stop is lifetime bans for the racist people. Furthermore other stands at the stadium have to challenge racist chants. However, this can be difficult as challenging a group of racists can be very difficult. However, I can say that in education younger people are a lot better with race. It is, unfortunately, the outdated uneducated football thugs that ruin it. They have to get lifetime bans.

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