India Thrash South Africa

India has gone till mill up in their Test series against India. After comfortably being beaten in the first test thanks to a good bowling performance and twin hundreds from Rohit Sharma. A first-innings 254 from Virat Kohli showed just how good he is. None of the South African batters even came close. Being bowled out for 275 and 189 to lose the test by an innings an 137 runs. Now the real question here is why can’t South Africa perform in India. It isn’t like them have been unlucky in the first couple of game. Is South Africa the problem here or on home soil is India too hard to beat? I’m not sure.

2 thoughts on “India Thrash South Africa

  1. India are very hard to beat on their own pitches, as England found out last time they were there. Very few pace bowlers can get much out of these pitches and Indians face so much quality spin in their own domestic cricket that visiting spinners rarely hold any terrors for them (even Shane Warne was expensive in India – his test wickets there cost him 46 apiece). However I am surprised that the South African batting failed so abjectly this time round.


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