The 100

  • The new 100 ball format competition coming to England next year. Seven cities eight teams. Is it all it’s hyped up to be? The teams are Birmingham Pheonix, Welsh fire, oval invincible’s, London spirit, Manchester originals, Trent rockets and the southern brave. Now if they can fit the 100 in while still keeping all of the formats before there wouldn’t be a problem. But with the 100 the 50 over competition is going to be nothing more than a sub-standard second eleven competition. We win the 50 over world cup and ditch the 50 over the cup. Does this make sense to you? Furthermore, the scheduling is ridiculous. Somerset’s first game was in April and last was in place September. However, a new and different competition may be good for England before the t20 world cup. However, we are trying to create the next ipl, not the next format. Why is it a 100 balls? It is just changing it for the sake of changing it. In addition to this, it won’t help our failing test team. Only hinder them and make them have to choose between another competition.

4 thoughts on “The 100

  1. Good points here. Effectively it means that there is no top level domestic 50 over competition anymore because the best players will be busy with their Hundred franchises. It will also further marginalize domestic red ball cricket as that will be even more limited to the beginning and end of the season (the worst times for such cricket) than it already is.


  2. Changing for changings sake. Well said!

    It’ll be the year 2020 yet it’s not a Twenty20 competition that we’re launching!

    I can handle city-based franchises and drafts as well as even counting down from 100 balls but don’t like the inconsistency of the over lengths and change of ends. Remember that these matches will not count in official statistics.

    And the kits, sponsored by a snack company!


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