10 games into the County Championship

In division 1 there have been some very exciting cricket. Essex is top of the table with Somerset closely following them only 4 points behind them. Essex has a lot of momentum with them after a few good wins. However, Somerset lost to Essex a couple of games ago and now lost to Yorkshire. The t20’s have come at the perfect time for Somerset. A different format to focus on and when they come back the mental scarring won’t be there. However, with Essex, a format they didn’t do very well in could halt there momentum. Especially if they lose a lot of t20’s. Rooted to the bottom of the table is Notts. 38 points clear adrift after getting beaten by Surrey. With a team with Broad, Clarke, Moores, Chappel and now Ashwin it’s hard to see how they are here. But they are and now they are going to get relegated. In the middle, it is very congested but no teams in the middle are going to get promoted or relegated. Very hard to stay motivated.

In Division 2 Lancashire is clear by 32 points and will definitely finish first. However, from 2nd to 7th, there are only 27 points separating them. These teams are Glamorgan, Northants, Durham, Middlesex, Derbyshire and Sussex. They are all very good team’s but I think Lancashire will finish first Durham 2nd and Glamorgan 3rd. Having all these teams fighting to be promoted is very good for the game. From 1st to second anyone could win it.

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