The world a whole

So the world is over. England champions of the world cup. The 4 semi-finalists were India, New Zealand, Australia and England. These are the best 4 teams in the world. They completely deserved to be there. It was a great spectacle for the game with no teams who didn’t deserve it being in the top 4. Also, the tournament as a whole went really well with low scoring games and competitive chases. One thing that people were saying was that it would be really high scores. But it wasn’t it was a really good balance between bat and ball. That is the healthiest pitches for entertainment in cricket. The fans who had been entertained were brilliant. At Taunton when Shakib and Das put on a partnership of more than 100 to win the game it was awesome. For that hour Bangladesh was absolutely crazy. Mexican waves, loud shouting and big noise when boundaries were hit. Bangladesh was a credit to there country with there fans and their cricket. They turned up and now teams don’t take them likely and you can see why. South Africa, West Indies and Sri Lanka really disappointed. 7,5 and 8 points. Really from these teams, you should expect better. They have so much talent. But a team that surprised a bit was Australia. Batting and bowling so well they are on a good road back to there 2015 form.

But this world cup was brilliant and one I will never forget.

2 thoughts on “The world a whole

  1. Agree with this – New Zealand are not the most talented of sides, but they are great scrappers and they have a superbly disciplined bowling unit – De Grandhomme recording 1-25, largely by keeping it full and straight and getting just a little bit of movement at medium pace, from a full 10 overs in a world cup final was an astonishing achievement – while the Indians and Australians, both chock-a-block with talented players were unable to deliver when it mattered most – in the semi-finals


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