The aftermath of the world cup

So the morning after England won the world cup. It still hasn’t really sunk in. England is now the first team to win the cricket football and rugby world cup. What an achievement. In the end, you could see how much it meant to all of those players. After 102 overs of cricket, they finally won it. Everyone was running in different directions and it was just extraordinary. The bottle that Jofra showed was just immense. After starting with a debatable wide and then a few balls later being hit for 6 to come back shows character. Neither did Stokes in the super over or the final over. Showing how fit he is and keeping call under pressure. Going forward for England this us good because if there is a tight game in the world t20 final or the ashes we will be more prepared. After what Stokes he been through he deserved to win the world cup for England. Not just the world t20 but the Bristol incident, when Marlon Samuels saluted him when he wasn’t picked for the 2015 world cup. Many have doubted him. But he today showed that he is the best allrounder in cricket. People will look back in 10 years time and compare his innings to Ms Dohni in 2011. But this was even better. Ben Stokes we all salute you. An innings that may get forgotten is Jos Butlers knock. Although he fell before the end without his contribution we wouldn’t have won. He had a quiet world cup but that 50 was like gold dust. All the English player’s careers haven’t been straight forward wood and Plunkett injury-riddled and Jofra and Morgan having to switch countries. Putting all of there career behind them all of the England players should be so proud. Now the test team need to use this momentum to win Ashes.

2 thoughts on “The aftermath of the world cup

  1. Yes – it was Buttler who scored more freely than anyone else and kept England just in sight of the target deep into the closing overs. Stokes’ heroics came right at the end, but this innings was his fourth 80-plus of the world cup and he had also scored a 79. I am beginning to think that with Stokes’s consistent recent scoring it might be worth playing Foakes at number 5 in the test team, with Stokes and Gregory as back up seamers at 6 and 7, Bess, Archer, Leach and Anderson (in likely batting order) as the front four bowlers.


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