The biggest day in English cricket

Today is the world cup final. England take on New Zealand at lords. If England win this could propel them with momentum to win the ashes. The whole country is behind the England cricket team. Even if we don’t win the world cup final I feel the country will be proud of there efforts. If they do win the world cup and ashes it would be bigger then the 2005 ashes for the English game. As a 14-year-old, I feel blessed that this is all happening when I am a child. It means so many more of my friends are already getting into cricket. I wonder the impact of a world cup win on the country?

The toss, the toss may be important on the day. England I feel can win batting or bowling first. However New Zealand have to bat first. If England bat first they will win. They have too much firepower and will score over 300. Furthermore, we have already seen that New Zealand’s batting is fairly weak. For New Zealand Guptill has to fire. He sets the tone as an opener so if he can find the class he has it will give New Zealand a bigger chance of winning. I fell that it will be a 300 pitch. In The Royal London final 244-8 was chased down in 43.3 overs with 4 wickets down. So the pitch will be like that today. England have to play there positive brand of cricket that has got them to where they are today. If they don’t I feel they could bottle it and lose. Whatever they do first Either batting Roy and Bairstow have to set the tone or Woakes and Archer with the ball. The first ten overs will most likely decide the world cup.

2 thoughts on “The biggest day in English cricket

  1. You have hit the nail on the head at the end – time and again through this world cup if a team has started with a big opening stand they have gone on to dominate the game, while a bowling side that takes early wickets often stays on top. In particular Roy and Bairstow score at such a rate that the game can easily be effectively over by the time they have finished. This is special for me too, because being so much older I have memories of the England sides that struggled and often failed through the latter half of the eighties and the whole of the nineties. I remember the 1992 world cup is a fairly isolated high point for England – since then they have been consistently poor in world cups, although their test cricket has been much better since the year 2000.


    1. Yeah, there haven’t been the recoveries that happen in county cricket. I agree if Roy and Bairstow stay in for 15 overs England win. Yeah, I can sympathize with your pain I have never seen England really fail as I have only cared about England cricket in the last few years. However, with Somerset, I remember going to the lords final as a youngster and them losing to Warwickshire and losing to Hampshire when Trescothick didn’t run the guy out. So when I saw them win the one day cup it meant so much. Hopefully, England can win.


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