Leach and Bess bowl out notts on day 2

A very exciting prospect yesterday for England and Somerset fans alike. Bess took 5-79, backing up his 51 with the bat, and Leach took 3-79. Those are combined 1st innings figures of 8-138. If England is going to play one spinner then it has to Be leach. He has performed consistently for England taking vital wickets. But I feel because of the time of year in the ashes it may spin. England can’t pick Moen and Rash with Bess and Leach waiting in line. Moen and Rash would have just come off the back of a personally disappointing world cup for them. Furthermore, they will have no recent red ball from going into it whereas Bess and Leach don’t. They have had regular county Championship cricket. With so many all-rounder in the England side, they can afford to spinners as they did with Moen and Rash last year. Form, however, doesn’t last forever. So If Bess and leach don’t do well in the remaining games and Moen and Rash bowl England to a world cup win in the final then I would reconsider my opinion. But for now, if England plays to spinners its got to be Bess and leach.

4 thoughts on “Leach and Bess bowl out notts on day 2

  1. Leach has to be no 1 spinner in test matches – and Bess is playing his way back into contention, which I agree is exciting. Moeen’s batting is less of a factor at test level than in ODIs and Rashid has had a thin time with the ball recently. There are not many other English spinners of quality around, though Matthew Parkinson of Lancashire may make the grade eventually. Therefore you are right that for test purposes spinner #1 has to be Leach, I am also inclining towards Bess as the #2 option because he unlike the others is in good form right now, and also because he is used to bowling in tandem with Leach. A two spinner attack of Bess and Leach could be accommodated by having Gregory at 7, Sam Curran at 8 (as one new ball bowler), Anderson at his regular number 11 position and taking the new ball, five specialist batters and Ben Foakes at six and wearing the gloves. This would give six genuinely top line batters plus Gregory, Curran and Bess capable of making significant scores from lower down, three front line pacers and two front line spinners.


  2. Good to see both Bess and Leach playing. As it stands I’d pick Leach in Tests. Moeen still has something to offer but his batting has fallen away terribly. I get the impression from interviews that he’s become a bit too laid back. Leach has improved his all round game but first and foremost his bowling is threatening. I don’t really understand why he doesn’t open the bowling in T20s. You see a lot of part-time spinners do it and I bet Leach would do well.


    1. I would pick leach to if they play one spinner. I agree he needs to keep evolving as a bowler and this would be a good way how to. However, with Van der Merve and Waller being consistent, it might be hard for Leach to break into the team.


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