588-7 vs 400-3

This is the scene going into day 4 of Warwickshire vs kent. I am certain it will be a draw and the captains will shake hands after the tea interval. The terrible thing is a game that could have been exciting has turned into a dull run fest. Who in their right minds would go and watch this final day? On the first three days, there were 985 runs in 1723 balls (287 overs) at a run rate of 3.4. In those 3 days, there have been 10 wickets. 3 hundreds scored 161,166 and 109. Now Dom Sibley is not out 209 overnight. Also, there have been two 70’s 72 and 78. This is now why does not help county cricket for test cricket. A pitch should have something in it for everyone. A good example of this is Somersets pitch vs Hampshire. Somerset scoring 408 Hamshire scoring 349 and then Somerset declaring on 358 setting Hampshire needing 418. That is a pitch that will prepare you for test cricket. Now if to low scoring games get deducted points for the team who prepared the pitch. High scoring ones have to as well. I really hope it isn’t but This may be match-fixing by the groundsman. The groundsman may have been paid to prepare a pitch like this and to have scores of over 500. Just a thought as two teams at 6 and 7 in the table wouldn’t want a high scoring draw. You can’t get the points. I really hope this isn’t the case though.

4 thoughts on “588-7 vs 400-3

  1. I agree with you that a pitch producing those scores in that time is a disgrace to cricket and that a points deduction is as deserved as it would be for a pitch that produced four scores of under 150 (if not more so, as the latter match would be likely to be interesting, whereas this kind of thing is only of any interest to statisticians and to those batters who improve their averages as a result).


  2. I’m not a fan of this attitude that all four scores in a match must be between 200-400. Warwickshire are literally onto their 10th, 11th and 12th bowling options handing out three debuts including to a 26-year-old that’s never played First Class cricket.

    Batsmen still have to display fitness and concentration. Bowlers and captains have to find a way. I understand the frustrations but don’t want First Class cricket to become formulaic. Stranger things have happened than this game end as a thriller!


    1. Neither am I. But in 4 days you can’t have a pitch that produces 14 wickets. There onto that because of the disgrace of a pitch.
      I understand that but on a pitch like that, there just isn’t a way. Neither but this isn’t what I want either


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