Chris Gayle again

Yesterday Chris Gayle who dubs himself the universe boss reversed his decision of retirement after the world cup. He said that he would play ODI’s against India and maybe a test. He can not pick and choose when he plays. He is not the destructive Gayle of yesteryear. Especially in test matches. He is turning 40 in September and the next cricket world cup is in 2023. He will be 43! He has to give young players a chance to bed themselves into the tram for that next world cup. This is even more of a reason as the West Indies have some many young prospects. Him playing in these game and not giving them a chance nay force them into the franchise route. Whereas if he gave them a chance then they would be in the international circuit which is where all the young talent should be. He cannot be like AB DE Villiers who offered his services for South Africa after retiring. If you don’t fancy it against Zimbabwe with little atmosphere and fans then you shouldn’t be able to have a world cup final atmosphere. No one should be able to do this. Especially someone who isn’t even the most destructive, valuable or best player in the team.

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