My opinion on David Warner and Steve Smith

As everyone knows these two players were banned for a year for there actions at Newlands. Since then they have come back and played a big role in Australia’s one day team. They have been booed for what they have done by nearly every team. But, Virat Kohli told his Indian fans to stop booing them. I feel that this was an un-needed act of sportsmanship. When you pay your hard earned money to get into the game I think you should practically be able to shout anything and everything. If it’s not too offensive or it’s not homophobic, racist or an offence like that you can say it really. I take Eoin Morgan’s view on it. He said ” they have committed something and serves there penalty. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are welcome back with open arms into the cricket community” ” I don’t think I could do anything ” let’s address the first quote. To be brutally honest I agree with it. Everyone is welcoming Australia back with open arms saying they have changed bug when it comes to a big game I am not sure if they will. Furthermore, if someone has served their penalty it doesn’t automatically mean afterwards the booing and stuff stops. The last quote is completely true whatever Eoin says before will not stop the fans. The only way you could stop this would to do it when they are batting. In conclusion, Steve and David deserve it.

Actions have consequences

2 thoughts on “My opinion on David Warner and Steve Smith

  1. Brutal!

    I’ve said this before but I wouldn’t boo them or encourage anyone to do so. Having said that, if others were booing them then I wouldn’t attempt to stop it. People can choose themselves how they want to approach it.


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