Australia vs England

world cup preview

Tommorow , Tuesday 25th June, England take on Australia at lords. This is a vital game for England especially as they are 2 points behind Australia. England lost there last game against Sri Lanka so they will need to win this one.

I feel that one of the key phases will be Australia’s power-play. This is because the base of there innings in this world cup has been of the back of Finch and Warner putting together big opening stands.

If Australia bat first and put on a large opening stand then unfortunatley i dont feel England will be able to chase it down.

I feel Australia will take this one.

4 thoughts on “Australia vs England

  1. Yes, England are now under huge pressure, especially after yesterday’s result, which means that Bangladesh are snapping at their heels (it would not be the first time that Bangladesh have played a role in an early world cup exit for England either). I think that if England win the toss they have to bat first and get their runs on the board, no matter how good they generally are at chasing – as we have seen a world cup is very different from a bilateral series, and chasing sides have not done well in this one so far.


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