The World Cup so far

There have been 13 games of the cricket world cup so far. New Zealand,England,Australia and new Zealand making up the top 4 qualifying places. I feel England and Australia will stay there and be joined by India and West Indies. West Indies pace bowling has been very exciting. Using Russel in the power-play has worked well with people not being able to get him away. One thing that is letting West Indies down is there batting. With Holder at 6 if they lose early wickets then they may fail to get runs. This is what happened in there games with Australia. Talking of Australia they have started well and if they beat India, who they are playing as I am writing this, they could make a big statement to the world. Bangladesh have started reasonably with a good win vs South Africa and a tight loss vs New Zealand but then a drubbing to England. There performances have largely been relying on the batting of Shakib Al Hasan and Mushfiqar Rahim. England have done well apart from an all round bad performance against Pakistan. There has been a high standard of catching with some absolute screamers especially Sheldon Cotterrels and Ben Stokes. Something that has been really good to sea is the competition between bat and ball. Hopefully there are more games like Bangladesh vs New Zealand. Overall there has been a good start to the world cup.

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