Alex Hales

Alex Hales, banned from all professional cricket for 21 days for the use of recreational drugs. Thus he has been removed from all England squads. I believe this was the right decision. Furthermore, this is the second time this offence has happened. Now Nasser Hussain spoke about how it’s a world cup and ashes year, that he’s been in the team for a long time and should be selected for team morale. I strongly disagree with what Nasser had to say. You have to set down a strong marker especially after what happened after the Bristol incident. I feel that this isn’t the end of the road for Hales but it is for his world cup dreams. He will be very disappointed with himself.

One thought on “Alex Hales

  1. There are only 2 logical approaches to the question of drugs:
    1) No drug taking allowed
    2) All-in
    Cricket, correctly in my view, has taken the view that its participants should be clean of drugs. Hales should have been aware of this when he chose to take drugs. He had to receive a ban of some soprt for his conduct, and he should be grateful that he has only been banned for 21 days. He is undeserving of any sympathy.


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