One Day Cup South Predictions.

9: Glamorgan they have lost there first three games and I think they will finish last. They had a very close game with Somerset which went Somerset’s way. It was by 2 runs. If they won this their fortunes could have gone the other way.

8: Kent played 4 lost 4. Hampered by the injuries of Khun and Bell Drummond. To add to this Denly and Billings were away in the IPL.

7: Essex a reasonable start 1 win 2 losses. A game on Friday against Somerset will go a long way to deciding their fortunes. I think they will lose and go on to not do that well.

6: Gloucestershire they have made a good start. Won 2 1 loss. I feel like they don’t have the team to qualify.

5: Sussex won to lost 1. I feel a lack of batting, especially without Wright, will stop them qualify.

Now the teams that I feel will qualify.

4: Surrey 1 win 2 losses. They won there last game and I feel they have the squad to turn it around.

3: Middlesex a good start 2 wins 1 loss. They have a solid squad and with Morgan available, it adds the X-factor.

2: The perfect 100% start. The bowling attack had always got early wickets in the powerplay. A 2 run win v Glamorgan was vital.

1: Hampshire also 3 from 3. A very good team and I think they will win the tournament back to back.

2 thoughts on “One Day Cup South Predictions.

  1. Interesting set of predictions – I certainly expect today’s Glamorgan v Kent match to settle to destiny of the wooden spoon in that group – whoever loses it will end the campaign with zero points.


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