County’s vs Universitys

Somerset vs Cardiff MCCU. Somerset beat this university team by 568 runs. This is just the way that nearly every single University v county game goes. But these are still considered and recorded as first-class matches. Why? For example Eddie Byrom, he scored 115 and 58 not out. He now starts the season on an average of 173. Now England selectors ( I know he is not English) they may look at all of the averages for the season and they see batsmen with an average 10 above everyone else. This is because they scored lots of runs against school boys. Not against Starc, Cummins and Pattinson. In addition to this, weather a friendly is first class or not I’m not sure how they do it. Last year before the season Somerset played Ireland as a warm-up for there test match against Pakistan and for Somerset it was a county warm-up game. Now Eddie Byrom scored a hundred in that game against Ireland. The hundred against a ”test match” team doesn’t count as a first-class hundred but the one against schoolboys does? It really doesn’t make sense and I’m not sure who’s making these decisions.

4 thoughts on “County’s vs Universitys

  1. I agree with you that these games against the students should not rank as first class, and that runs and wickets taken in them should not be considered when looking at England prospects. Douglas Jardine, captain of England in the bodyline series (1932-3) used to say that he wanted to know what players had done against Yorkshire, not what their overalll record was – he knew that whjat really mattered was what you do against the best opposition.

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