Jos Butler gets Mankaded

Jo’s Butler was on 69 runs off 49 deliveries in the first Ipl game of Rajasthan’s season. Rajasthan were chasing 184-4 and were 108-2 off 12.5 overs. They needed 76 off 43 balls with 8 wickets in hand with Butler and Sanju Samson batting well. Then the incident happened.

Jos had no warning of this, which I have a problem with, as Ashwin was in his delivery stride and then pulled out and ”ran him out.” See I am fine with Mankading if it is used in the right way. If I batsman is consistently training to gain an advantage and has been warned it is alright. But the fact is it’s not. Jos wasn’t trying to. Also, it wasn’t even out.

What does it say for Ravi Ashwin as a person? Furthermore, in the world cup, Jos is going to now that he has something over him and will know that’s the only way he can get him out.

In conclusion, I think that it is wrong 100% wrong he didn’t warn him and he was just backing up. Not to gain an advantage. In spite of this, I still think the rule is needed for people who are trying to gain an advantage.

6 thoughts on “Jos Butler gets Mankaded

  1. Ashwin may have been in the wrong on this occasion but I dislike the way that bowlers who do this always get pilloried – the fact is that the batter is very often taking advantage by leaving their ground early, and unless you accept the right of the bowler to run them out you allow them to take that advantage.


  2. If a bowler oversteps then it’s a no ball so why should a batsman be allowed to overstep?

    Buttler has history of this. Both having it done and bowlers flirting with doing it to him. That was his warning.

    I thought they’d changed the rules so the bowler doesn’t even have to perform his action.

    In short, I have no sympathy for Buttler. He hasn’t learned and is inviting it come a big World Cup match!


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