Steve Smith and David Warned my Opinion…

Firstly I would like to apologize for not blogging at all recently. There has not been much cricket going on and I have been quite busy. But without further ado, here it is.

There is no doubt that Steve Smith and David Warner are good players. But now in the short term for the Aussies, I don’t think they are great.

Test match cricket I feel in test match cricket Smith is in without a doubt but Warner I’m not sure about. Bancroft has been tearing it up on his return for the Sheffield Shield. In addition to this Marcus Harris looked like one of there best bats in the Indian series.

The world cup I feel that Smith will slot back into the middle order but Warner I’m not sure about. Finch hasn’t been doing well but he is the captain so he will open. Also, there is then Kywhaja he did very well in the ODI series v India.

But what does it do for morale? These two players have both said it is like they have never been away. I think this means that deep down in the Australian team nothing has really happened to the team’s way of playing before. All the Australian players have said that the team has changed but the ex-captain says it feels that he has never been away. Then one of the people who were in the ”senior leadership group” at Newlands says the same.

The people when the cricket stops all of these players are just people. But how have Steve and David changed as people? Warner has repeatedly said he had changed but he didn’t. Actions speak louder than words.

4 thoughts on “Steve Smith and David Warned my Opinion…

  1. I am unconvinced that any of the three should be back playing. As captain at the time Smith has to be regarded as a prime mover in the behaviour that led to the bans being handed out, while although allowances can be made for his juniority and the shakiness of bis position in the side Bancroft was the actual perpetrator and Warner already had a list of previous a mile long, for none of which he was ever sufficiently punished. I suspect that that if they play in the Ashes Smith and Warner will get receptions that make those handed out to Ricky Ponting late in his career look tame. Bancroft, not withstanding his good form in Shield cricket since his return is simply not good enough (he must have been on the point of being dropped even before he got caught up in the ball-tampering stuff – test average just 30.92).

    Incidentally, when writing about cricketers I always link to their cricinfo profiles to enable cross-checking.


    1. Yeah, I kind of agree but I’m not sure, with warner, that you can ban someone for being just basically a bad person. Smith made a mistake but hadn’t done anything otherwise. Then with Bancroft, he was forced into it and is very young. I agree the receptions will be saving and also I feel it will effect there cricket. I agree with you on Bancroft


  2. Re: Bancroft, 8 Tests is too small a sample size to judge. Wouldn’t the likes of Steve Waugh and Jacques Kallis have been jettisoned too soon?

    What about Mark Butcher as well. Career average 35 but much higher after his recall having averaged only 25 previously. Players can improve but some need time to adjust. Not everybody takes to Test cricket like a duck to water and even some that do have great starts then fall apart, eg: Kambli, Sinclair.


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