”slow and old” t20 batsmen

T20 cricket with scores getting higher and run rates going up to people sometimes ask if there is any need for slower or older batsmen. A good example of this is joe root when he is on form he is one of Englands most important batsmen. Another great example of this is Misbah ul hak’s match-winning 59. Misbah 44 years old came in at 12-4 in the 2nd over. Him and Sammy 35 years old put on 100 to all but win them the game. In t20 cricket there’s nothing better in a team than an experienced head.

Chennai Super Kings, Chennai won the IPL after not being in it for two years, did it with a very old team. The average of there core Indian players was 34.5. Also a 37-year-old in Shane Watson one the final for them. He had a very slow start against Bhubaneshwar Kumar who was bowling a really good spell. Then using all of his 37 years of experience he hit a 100 and won the game for them.

In conclusion, it’s not that bad to have an old or even a few good old and slow batsmen in your team are it?

4 thoughts on “”slow and old” t20 batsmen

  1. Undoubtedly there are times when a good old ‘un is very useful – yesterday the England women’s team were hugely assisted by the experience of their oldest player, Kathryn Brunt, who bowled superbly and then kept a cool head while Dani Wyatt knocked off the winning runs.


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