How to get test cricket more seen!

First of all test cricket, as I said in yesterday’s blog, isn’t dead. But I feel that it could be a lot more seen than it is already. Here are a few reasons how.

Firstly it needs to be advertised. When was the last time that you saw an advert or trailer for the test match game? Also, we need to realise the target audience of the viewers. The viewers are usually older and it’s a fine line between keeping it good for the old people and interesting for the younger age. I believe that they could do more things to make it more interesting for younger people. I believe the ICC should make sure that all grounds make it like a t20 game. What would be wrong with having Zing bails for a wicket and at breaks have things like an oblivious cam or floss cam? In addition to this, I feel that everyone should be allowed on the pitch in the breaks.

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