Is test cricket dying?

First and foremost, I strongly believe that test cricket isn’t dying and if anything is getting stronger and stronger. But here are a few of the reasons why people may say test cricket is dying.

More people are interested in the other formats, t20 and ODI’s. Now I don’t think this is much of a problem because lots of people are still interested in test match cricket. One way we could rectify this would be to advertise the test match game. You see all the big bash advertising why don’t we do it to that level with test match cricket.

Who would really be interested in a two-match test series between Zimbabwe and Ireland? Also, the players need more of an incentive to perform. This is why I think that the test championship would be a good idea. Because all the big series would still remain it’s just at the end of the year there would be a final between the top two teams.

Here are the reasons why the test match game isn’t dead. The amount of interest in South Africa vs Sri Lanka was immense because it was a test where the pitch was bowler friendly. I feel bowler friendly and not flat pitches are the key ingredient to keep it interesting. What is more, is that all of the vital players in the world game, especially the young ones, think test match cricket is the pinnacle. An example of this is Shimron Hetmyer a player of immense potential who could play in any franchise around the world and has signed an IPL contract. He is still playing test cricket and wants to keep on doing it.

In conclusion, test cricket isn’t dead and I don’t think will ever die and at the moment I feel it is actually booming in interest.

3 thoughts on “Is test cricket dying?

  1. I have to admit I am not a cricket follower but our son is . He lives in England and while he was visiting us I got into an interesting discussion about the similarities between cricket and dressage. Not an obvious one I know. But there have been recommendations by a judges forum to the International Equestrian Federation to shorten the highest level dressage test the Grand Prix to attract a bigger TV audience. My son talked with me about what has happened to cricket with the shorter game. He feels that in some countries that Test cricket is in decline and that the training and player skill are different for the shorter game. I actually wrote a blog post about cricket and what may happen to dressage if it is shortened up. Here is a link if you want to take a look at m blog post on the subject.

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