Chris Gayle the man who calls himself the universe boss. Now the man with the most sixes across all international formats. Before the game he said that he was the best player in the world and that the World Cup would be nothing with out him. He has decided to retire after this ICC World Cup.

Although he calls himself the universe boss he has failed really in the last few t20 franchises like the BPL and the 100 ball tournament. He relies on his hands and has no foot movement and I feel that he isn’t worth his place in many t20 teams. Furthermore he is a fielding liability.

I want to talk about his innings against England yesterday. He opened the innings and got 135 off 125 before he was bowled halfway through the 46th over.I believe on this flat a pitch the so called “universe boss” should be scoring upwards of 175. To put this in perspective Roy scored 12 less in 19 fewer overs. If Roy batted for the same amount of time he would of got a double hundred.Moreover he turned down a lot of ones and failed to turn any ones into twos. As a result of this he was probably the reason West Indies didn’t score 400.

So who really is the “universe boss?”

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