Is County Championship to blame for not producing test match players?

I don’t believe that it is.But first here’s a few reasons it may be.

Pitches early season are all basically the same.They are all green seamers where all wickets fall to seam and it’s 200 plays 200. This isn’t preparing people for test match cricket.If you are playing for Warwickshire vs Northamptonshire with hardly any spectators there is little to no pressure on you. Then you are picked in the test team for the ashes fielding fine leg at the MCG on a Boxing Day test having abuse shouted at you. How are you going to deal with this?

Here are the reasons why the county Championship isn’t to blame for not producing test match players. Well firstly I don’t really feel that we have a problem we have Root,Bairstow,Stokes,Butler and very more consistent quality test match players. The problem is we’re just not producing test match players outside of England. But this is not just England’s problem it is all the country’s problems. India can’t perform in England and England can’t perform in India because there pitches are so different. But then the only pitch that was like India in England was Somerset’s pitch. A pitch that was conducive to spin the ECB rate it as a poor pitch because 200 plays 200 however when it’s a green seamer it’s fine. Is it just a coincidence the Somerset,and there pitches,provided England’s most consistent spinner in Sri Lanka. Jack leach.

In conclusion I do not feel we have have a problem it’s just England are expected to perform where ever we go.

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