Can England win the World Cup and ashes in the same summer?

I believe that they absolutely can but here’s a few reasons why maybe they couldn’t.

  • There is a very busy schedule for England as the World Cup is about 6 weeks if they win and 5 tests in the ashes. The advantage though for England is that because it’s in our country we have the advantages of in the mean time going the players going back to there own houses.Also if we do badly for the World Cup there will be some bad momentum for the ashes.
  • But here are all the reasons why we can win the World Cup and Ashes.
  • First and foremost the one day team has so much potential and they are the favourites to win. Australia are very weak and even with Warner and Smith I feel that they are not very good as they will not have much quality red ball practice. Both of the challenges our in our conditions so we know how to get the best out of our players. Also we will have played so many games on the pitches before where as the other teams haven’t.Also If we win the World Cup then we will have such good momentum for the ashes. Furthermore if any of our players get injured we have our whole pool of players in our own county ready when we need them.This is good because we can pick basically anyone and they will already be in ten country.
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