My opinion on England’s 3rd test team

Let’s starts with the positives you have Bairstow back at 7 a more natural position where he has had the most success in the past. You have the pace of mark wood who (I am writing this on the 3rd day) took a fifer in his first game back and it was one of the best spells of quick bowling I’ve seen and was very hostile giving the Windies a taste of there own medicine.People were batting generally where they’ve batted before like denly at 3,stokes 6 and Bairstow at 7.this is all good as long as you keep them there and don’t keep them uncertain.In this team there is less all rounders because until butler they are all proper batters and after Moen they are all proper bowlers.

There are not many negatives in order but I think that the personnel is debatable. Jennings there is no way he should be any way near the England team because he just can’t play against pace and never should have been selected.What happens if he scored a hundred?why are the selectors giving themselves these problems. Also I think there are better county batsman then Denly in county cricket in my opinion James vince,ollie Pope,Jason Roy,Nick Browne,Tom Westley,Tom Abell,James Hildreth,Adam Lyth in my opinion the list goes on. Furthermore these players played a division above Denly last year.

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