The 100 ball format👎🏿

I do not believe we need another format in any cricket.The only way I feel another format may work is the 10 over tournament in Bangladesh. Bangladesh players do not have a busy schedule and you can choose weather you play in the competition. On the contrary In England there is a hectic county schedule and there is no need or time for another schedule.There is already 12 county games, 7 one day games,and 14 t20 games (before finals) that is 69 days of cricket on the field. Then you have to take into account the travelling and a possible lions tour for our players with more potential. I just do not see how it would fit.

Furthermore I feel that the blast competition is a very good t20 tournament. People say that the ipl and big bash are better and preparing players for the World Cup and pressure situations. If this is true is this a coincidence that England don’t do particularly well in t20 series. But then they ended up in the t20 World Cup final with West Indies. But then the two countries with the best competitions in the world one (Australia) went out in the group stages and one (India) went out in the semi finals.

Also there are basically a big league in every single country Australia,India,South Africa,Bangladesh,Pakistan and even a Canadian tournament now I’m not sure how many players would buy into another one?

In conclusion the 100 ball format will not work and shouldn’t be implemented to the county structure.

2 thoughts on “The 100 ball format👎🏿

  1. I agree. If we’re doing something else then it should be T10. Could have the women’s matches before or after or team’s play each other twice if fans aren’t keen travelling for just 20 overs… might not be easy to ticket that though if some people only wanna see one game.


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