Franchise cricket!

I believe franchise cricket is the future of how to get people into cricket and the most “entertaining” form of the game for me people who don’t understand cricket.Test and one day cricket still has to be at the forefront because it is what requires most skills.

The Ipl, now I believe the ipl is a wonderful tournament the best in the world.Now because of this I believe international teams need to plan around this like New Zealand do,because if you think about what players gain with the coaches and the cultures I think it benefits them a lot. For example Jos Butler he went over to the ipl with Rajasthan royals and Shane Warner was over there and they have both said they had some really good discussions about cricket. Now is this a coincidence that now he is in the test team doing well?

I feel that should be a cap and what players under 25 earn. This is because it stops a tallanted young player say like rishab pant (not saying he will do this) just going big money at a young age.Then if someone is talented enough they will play all three formats and it’s a lot harder to become a franchise specialist while you are playing test cricket.

Also I feel the older generation have to stop looking down on it because at the end of the day it is making children want to see cricket and who knows if they enjoyed a t20 and enjoy they might see an advertisement for test cricket.But test cricket is never advertised and I feel this is a problem.

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