4 day and 5 day cricket

At the moment there is a lot being said about 4 day and 5 day cricket and how it is “dying out “. And the rise of the shorter forms of the games.a simple facts is the longer the game the harder it is to fit around school for kids and work for adults. A 3 hour game after school or work WILL ALWAYS bring more people in because it is Easier to watch. With bigger grounds like Warwickshire 3,000 people looks like nothing as the ground is so big and they are so spread out. Over 8000 people listened to Somerset and worsterchire. And people say no body is interested. And with test cricket there is very big interest in series and attendance except from in places like Bangladesh and the uae but lest be real Pakistan have to play in uae so how many fans would cross the border for 5 days of cricket at 40c and England fans go to Pakistan to watch when people have life’s and commitments. So overall there is now way the longer format is dying out.

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